Nicholas Tse`s Mistress Xia Xinyu & Intimate Pictures Revealed

Nicholas Tse and Xia Xin YuYin Tse, father of Nicholas Tse had confided to friends that Nicholas Tse had a mistress in Beijing, and was found by Cecilia Cheung, which led to the divorce. In this way, all things have a more reasonable explanation. Cecilia’s bad temper is well known, after knowing her husband had an affair, the consequences can be imagined.

Xia xinyu Nicholas TseAs the march of situations, the true identity of the mistress who causes their divorce is vaguely surfaced. The media speculated that the mistress is an after 90s artist named Xia Xinyu, who is now living in Beijing. It can be seen from the pictures that she looks quite a bit similar with Cecilia Cheung, but much smaller than Cecilia Cheung at the age. The media analysis that Nicholas is likely to find shadow of Cecilia a few years ago in Xia Xin Yu. Nicholas Tse is very unhappy with the photo of Edison and Cecilia, in that case, the feelings of Nicholas Tse are transferred from Cecilia Cheung to this girl.

Xia xin yu Nicholas TseXia xin yu Nicholas TseXia xin yu Nicholas Tse photosXia xin yu Nicholas Tse picture

Xia xin yu pictureXia xin yu

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